At Stage & Audio Event Solutions we believe having the right equipment is not enough, it needs to run like clockwork.

Not only does your event need to look amazing, it needs to run like clockwork. With over fifteen years of experience in staging events, we have the expertise to make sure your event runs smoothly and safely so you can be busy loving the show. Technical production management, event management, scheduling, stage management… we’ve got it sorted.


Our team have the expertise to make the difference from conception to delivery.

Conceptual stage we:

  • Dedicate an event manager to your event
  • Have an initial on site meeting to establish your goals
  • Present a floor plan of your event
  • Quote on transforming your vision into reality

Setup and delivery stage we:

  • Exercise safe work methods
  • Use experienced ground crew
  • Use qualified Audio & Lighting technicians

We will then meet with your representatives to ensure that your needs have been met.After your event we offer a debriefing meeting. We willing accept and also suggest changes and improvement for your future events.


  • Once setup we meet with your representatives to ensure all parties are happy
  • Offer a debrief meeting and discuss any possible changes / improvements for the event.


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